The Comprehensive School Threat Assessment Guidelines

Threat Assessments

Ohio School Threat Assessment Training

One of the questions that inevitably arises after a school shooting is: When the shooter clearly showed signs of trouble, why wasn’t the attack prevented?

“Prevention is the missing piece after every attack,” Attorney General Dave Yost said. “And the safety of children across our state depends on us plugging that gap.” 

To that end, Yost’s team created the Ohio School Threat Assessment Training, a combination of best practices from leading school-safety experts, including the U.S. Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center. The Ohio guide helps schools team up with other community members, such as police officers and mental-health advocates, to prevent targeted violence and get help for troubled students.

In the Ohio School Threat Assessment Training, which runs 10 chapters and about three hours, Ohio and national experts introduce the protocols that have worked for them. Each of the chapters, including the Introduction and Conclusion, runs between eight and 27 minutes in length. 

A 30-page Reference Guide is also available for download.


Threat Assessment Training Introduction

Step 1

Establish a Multidisciplinary Threat Assessment Team

Step 2

Define Prohibited and Concerning Behaviors

Step 3

Create a Central Reporting Mechanism

Step 4

Determine the Threshold for Law Enforcement Intervention

Step 5

Establish Assessment Procedures

Step 6

Develop Risk Management Options

Step 7

Create and Promote Safe School Climates

Step 8

Conduct Training for All Stakeholders


Threat Assessment Training Conclusion