School Safety Rating System

In an effort to protect our schools, Safe Schools for Alex is developing a rating system to determine the safety of our schools. Currently, no system exists to inform parents whether their child’s school is safe. If you look up Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School you will find out they received a 9/10 on and an A rating on They received this rating even though they did not have a formal active assailant response policy and did not train their staff or students what to do during an active shooter emergency.

Currently, parents have no way of knowing if their child’s school has implemented policies and procedures to prevent the next act of targeted violence and mitigate the number of injured and/or casualties when an armed student or intruder comes onto campus with a weapon. Our proposed rating system aims to educate parents. It will identify schools that have applied safety measures and encourage schools that are lacking in compliance to review their priorities and focus on those changes that will help avert the next act of school violence.

Safe Schools for Alex

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