For the first time, parents, schools, legislators, and law enforcement have a user friendly tool that details the incidents of violence and drugs inside each of Florida’s public schools. By analyzing the incidents of physical attack, drug use, bullying, sexual assault, weapons possession, and school suspensions this valuable tool will assist stakeholders in their efforts to reduce violence and create a positive healthy learning environment for all children.

With the user-friendly dashboard we’ve created, parents, law enforcement, legislators, and other education stakeholders will now be able to analyze the levels of violence and drugs and have the important conversations that need to take place between community members, their schools, and government officals.  The dashboard will also assist schools secure additional resources to help their children by better positioning them for grant funding.

Help Us #KEEPKIDSSAFE in Every State!

After successfully launching our safety dashboard in Florida & Kentucky, we now need your help to expand nationwide! Our next goal is to create a School Incident Report for every state. To do this, we need to raise $250,000 so our safety dashboard can help parents all over the country.

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